Friday, 1 June 2012

Sonic Heroes {2004/Multi7/Cracked} Free Full Version Download PC Game

Sonic Heroes {2004/Multi7/Cracked}

Year: 2004

The story takes place after the games of the events of the game Sonic Adventure 2.
In the history of Team Sonic , Tails the fox , he received telegram from Dr . Eggman,
Knuckles , along with some malicious rushes to Sonic hedgehog . Seeing that Eggman  
 in three days is going to dominate the world , the friends decide to stop it . In the dark 
team history , the bat Rouge to find the treasure deciding on the basis of Eggman ,
Shadow is a hedgehog , who was presumed dead after the events of  Sonic Adventure 2. 
In deriving it from hibernation , Rouge is attacked by the robot E 123 Omega . After a 
brief struggle , he discovers that amnesia of the shadow , and Omega intends to avenge 
the Eggman u by the fact that he forgot about it .Rouge decides that must come together 
to find Dr.Eggman 

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 866 MHz CPU 
16MB Direct3D compatible graphics card 
 DirectX compatible sound card
RAM 256 MB
1.2GB hard disk space 
DirectX 9.0b


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